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Perfect time for wishes

Well, I know I have a list of things I wish for when we are allowed to do more, meet our friends and family.. Enjoy life without so many limits. Don't get me wrong I have a list as long as both my arms of things I still want to do while I have so much time. But no matter what and especially when things feel dark and a little hopeless, wishes are just what we need.

With this in mind I decided to revisit my little neglected wish tree...

So taking with me.. My old scrap tree hugger blanket

and some leaves to be turned into wishes...

I cycled over this morning in the beautiful sunshine.. Honestly I can't think of a more magical Earth Day, It's truly beautiful out there. I really hope she's able to enjoy this as she heals herself.

Now when I chose this particular tree in 2009, I had spent some time testing out the perfect place and searching out the perfect tree.... And then I saw her, she was just set back from the public pathway, surrounded by big strong oaks.. A sad looking little oak, no leaves, broken and really looking like she had had enough.

"That's the one" I said

And now 11 years later, although sometimes neglected a little, she stands there proud with fresh new branches, fresh new shoots and still bringing people together in her special way.

I wrapped her in her new blanket

Left the leaves.... Can't wait to see people's wishes

And a bag of stickers, because who doesn't smile at a free sticker?

If you live in Poole, Dorset.. The tree is situated just outside of Upton Country Park.

You go through the main gates, turn left and walk along the long path to the end where you come across a gate, go through and continue a few steps along the path, the tree is on the left set back a little. So if you're getting some exercise go say hello to her and leave a wish on the branches.

If you don't live local, you can email me your wish or leave a comment here and I will make sure it goes up onto the tree for you.

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