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Meet Cecil

So... I work in a breakfast and after school club and I literally love it to bits!!! All the children are my little friends and I am constantly inspired by them, so in return I love to inspire them back.

Well we all got back together on Monday morning only to find out by the end of the day that we were heading into another lockdown from midnight and my heart sunk!

I had so many plans for the new fresh start to the year, I'd spent the day introducing their new friend Cecil the rabbit! We started to create a tissue paper version of Cecil for the cupboard door and were excited to work together to gain him special carrot points!

Anyway I've been using this week to create a few Cecil the rabbit activity and colouring pages for the children of club and any children that would like to join in during lockdown... After all we can't let it spoil our fun can we?

So here you are.... Cecil the rabbit FREE downloadable sheets...

I'd LOVE to see what you get up too.. So please feel free to drop me a message over at the Kittypinkstars facebook page and I can share with everyone to make them smile at a challenging time!

Cecil 1
Download • 3.74MB

Cecil 2
Download PDF • 765KB

Cecil 3
Download PDF • 763KB

Cecil 4
Download PDF • 724KB

Cecil 5
Download • 1.27MB

Cecil 6
Download PDF • 496KB

Cecil 7
Download PDF • 618KB

Cecil 8
Download PDF • 713KB

Cecil 9
Download PDF • 1.83MB

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