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Daily PANTS monsters

Well, I don't know about you but if you're anything like me then at the moment you're wondering what's going on.. where you are and when your spaceship is coming to save you... Hah! Can't help you with all of that, however when my spaceship comes I can get it to come pick you up on our way through. But until then, I have these days of the week pants monsters colouring sheets to help you out with some of the confusion!

I'd love to see the results too.. so if you do colour these guys in please please send pictures to my Kittypinkstars facebook page where you'll also be able to lose yourself in rainbow coloured craziness as well as check out my monsters, crochet wearables, unicorn beans and custom handmade cards made to order for your loved well as the other things that fall out of my other worldly brain!

Anyway... here they are.. meet the guys!

Monday... Confused that we got back here so quick but ready for the new start!

Download PDF • 602KB

Tuesday... Little bit of bow tie sass for the second day of the week!

Download PDF • 597KB

Wednesday... Hump day, flower powered with wings ready to hop on over it!

Download PDF • 574KB

Thursday... Almost Friday bloomers at the ready!

Download PDF • 642KB

Friday... Rainbow Friday!!!!

Download PDF • 675KB

Saturday.... Saturday sunshine mood!

Download PDF • 660KB

Sunday... Sleepy Sunday vibes!

Download PDF • 1.00MB

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