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Chasing rainbows

Hey guys.. Well anyone who knows me knows rainbows are one of my favourite things and the inspiration for so much of my work.

So I've loved to see them used in such a sweet heartwarming way during these crazy times of late. So many windows full of them, and mostly drawn by children which is my absolute favourite art, working with children I usually get to see it every day but right now the window rainbows have been brightening my days!

Well I had to join in... so I grabbed my scrap yarn bag and whipped up this one for my window.

I used the amazing FREE pattern from here by Kerry Jayne Designs

And I've also been doing my little bit to brighten up the neighbourhood on my daily walks by leaving my rainbow stickers around and about.

I love seeing photos from people who have found them..

Have YOU been up to any rainbow creating? And what has made you smile and lifted your spirits lately.. I'd love to hear from you!

Anyway stay safe, reach out and take some love and rainbows until next time.

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